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Investing Opportunities

Welcome esteemed investors

I’m thrilled to present to you Minds Eye Brewing Co., a small cidery with a big vision. Our mission is twofold: to produce exceptional cider while fostering community engagement and supporting charitable causes. Here’s why Minds Eye Brewing Co. is poised for success:


Currently operating in Southampton and Buckinghamshire, we produce 500 units of cider annually. With your investment, we aim to expand production to 2,000 units annually. We've secured access to a local ancient orchard, ensuring a sustainable source of high-quality apples. Our cider-making process is meticulous, involving hand-harvesting, sorting, and milling of apples, followed by wild fermentation and natural carbonation. The result is a unique and carefully crafted cider product that stands out in the market.


We plan to sell our cider through various channels, including local farmers markets, specialty stores, and online platforms. Additionally, we'll explore partnerships with restaurants and bars to broaden our reach. Our upcoming website will feature an online sales platform with a QR code, allowing customers to learn about our vision and join our initiatives seamlessly.

Legal Compliance

We've obtained all necessary licenses and permits, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Our labelling is fit for distribution, with plans to enhance it for greater market appeal. We prioritize customer data security and product safety, with regular updates and inspections to maintain high standards.


With a cost per unit of £1 and a selling price of £3, we anticipate gross annual revenue of £6000. By tapping into business-to-business sales opportunities, we aim to achieve substantial revenue growth. Moreover, our commitment to quality and community support sets us apart from competitors, fostering customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Social Impact

At Minds Eye Brewing Co., we're mindful of our wider community. We donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to the charity Mind, supporting mental health initiatives. By choosing our cider, customers not only enjoy a superior product but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

Next Steps

With your investment, we'll acquire the necessary equipment to expand production and cultivate local fruit. Time is of the essence, as apple harvests begin in August. By investing in Minds Eye Brewing Co., you're not only supporting a thriving business but also promoting sustainable agriculture and community development.

Join Us


Investing in Minds Eye Brewing Co. means investing in quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Join us on our quest for better cider and a better world. Together, let's redefine the meaning of "REAL" cider and elevate the craft to new heights. Thank you for considering our proposal. Cheers to a fruitful partnership!